Skyline in Leipzig at the blue hour

is always worth a visit ...

Leipzig, the Paris of eastern Germany,

Gewandhaus Leipzig at night
Leipzig Augustusplatz with University
Johannapark in Leipzig
Völkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig
Nikolaikirche with peace pillar in Leipzig
Leipziger Opera at night
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... there's so much to experience here!

There’s always something new to discover in Leipzig. In our experience anyone who has once experienced the attractions of the city is sure to come back again.

Throughout the year Leipzig offers a wide range and variety of events which cater to interests of all kinds. You will find a complete overview in the Leipzig programme of events.

The following events are also not to be missed:
Leipzig – displaying Courage (April)
Open-air Classics in Rosental (June)
Leipzig Ceramics Market in the Grassi Museum (June)
f/stop – Leipzig Festival of Photography (June)
Summer Theatre in the Panometer Arena (July)
Leipzig Radio Drama Summer (July)
Leipzig Shopping Arcade Festival (September)


Eine komplette Übersicht aller Veranstaltugen in Leipzig finden Sie hier im Veranstaltungskalender Leipzig.

Insider tips


Panometer Leipzig, das Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest 360° panorama exhibition at PANOMETER LEIPZIG – opposite the MDR studios, open daily from 10 am – 5 pm and accessible with Line 9 in approx. 15 minutes.

Bach Archive

Bacharchiv im historischen Bosehaus

On the occasion of the 325th anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach the fully restored historical Bosehaus, home to Leipzig’s Bach Archive, was ceremoniously reopened. There’s much to see and listen to in the new Bach museum. Opposite the Church of St Thomas (Thomaskirche).


Leipziger Neuseenland, Abendstimmung mit Segler

Leipzig’s “Neuseenland” (New Lake District) is a newly created landscape to the south of Leipzig which makes up part of Saxony’s complex of lakes.

Leipziger Notenspur, Bild von der Oper bei Nacht

“Notenspur” (Musical Trail)

The aim of Leipzig’s Notenspur initiative is to enable the musical traditions of the city to be experienced at first hand. The “Leipziger Notenspur” has a length of 5.1 km and can be explored on foot.

“Spinnerei” (former cotton mill)

“FROM COTTON TO CULTURE” – for all those looking for something extraordinary. In Plagwitz, Tramline 2 to Bahnhof Plagwitz, approx. 25 minutes.

Shopping-Center Promenaden Hauptbahnhof Leipzig

Shopping experiences

The “Promenaden” shopping centre at Leipzig’s main railway station is open until 10 pm Monday to Saturday, and is directly opposite Seaside Park Hotel, around 200 m away.


The many shopping arcades, courtyards and exhibition houses which are so typical of Leipzig are a wonderful place to take a stroll, do some shopping, experience art and culture and discover distinctive architectural features.

“Höfe am Brühl”

With its retail outlets, services, restaurants, premium residential facilities, art and culture this area of 27,500 m² provides a very special shopping experience.

Be sure to visit our partners

Auerbachs Keller

A Capella Festival

ARENA Leipzig

In Arena Leipzig Saxony’s major city has a stylish multifunctional facility which is one of the most popular events locations in Germany.

Auerbachs Keller

Everything under a single roof! The oldest section of Auerbachs Keller, the historical ‘Weinstube’, attracts not only history enthusiast but also fans of good cooking. The ‘Große Keller’ has room for 500 persons and, with its regional cuisine, is the ideal place for events of all kinds. In the evening the ‘Mephisto Bar’ invites guests to linger and enjoy choice cocktails accompanied by live music.

Bach Festival / Bachmuseum

Every year since 1999 Leipzig’s Bach Festival has attracted thousands of enthusiastic music lovers from all around the world to this city of music. The Leipzig Bach Museum is a museum which is dedicated to the life and work of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It forms part of the Leipzig Bach Archive in the Bosehaus by the Thomaskirchhof.

Gewandhaus Leipzig

Since 1981 the “Gewandhaus zu Leipzig” concert hall has been known for its memorable classical concerts …

Kystallpalast – Varieté

Here cabaret lovers can enjoy first-class entertainment in the inner city of Leipzig.

Lachmesse (Laughter Fair)

Since the year 1990 Leipzig has been the venue for Germany’s largest international cabaret festival, the LEIPZIGER LACHMESSE, which takes place in October.

Lipsia Vintage car tours

Tours of the city featuring moonlight, airport, wedding, water and lakeside attractions with vintage cars and individual services.

Looking for a public city tour?

The blue-yellow air-conditioned double-decker of the city tour Leipzig GmbH offer you the best all-round view accompanied by certified tour guides.

Leipzig Opera House

Leipzig’s Opera House is Europe’s third-oldest public musical theatre with a tradition which goes back over 300 years.


In an exciting way the world’s largest and most individual 360° panorama pictures show historical events, cities, memorable sights and scenes of natural beauty. A visit is well worth your while!

Richard Wagner Association

Richard is a citizen of Leipzig … Richard Wagner is one of the 19th-century’s major composers. He was born on 22 May 1813 in this city of music and trade fairs and learned his musical skills here. As the creator of musical dramas which have become famous around the world as well as an innovator who revolutionised European music in the 19th-century, he made a name for himself both as a composer and conductor.

Schumann House

The Schumann House in Leipzig, which Robert and Clara Schumann moved into the day after their marriage, was the first home the couple shared. Today it is a museum with the ‘Schumann Saal’ for small concerts and the ‘Klangraum’ for special events.

The Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie Orchestra

The Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie is the only professional symphony orchestra in Germany that performs exclusively on wind instruments.

Our social commitment

Park Hotel Kooperation mit Kita Seepferdchen

Active member of the Support Association for the Monument to the Battle of the Nations

For many years Park Hotel, in particular in the person of the hotel’s former Director Michael Lehmann, has been an active member of the Support Association for the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. The Monument to the Battle of the Nations is the most imposing emblem of the City of Leipzig, commemorating one of the most important events in European history together with its countless victims. For our guests from this country and abroad a visit to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations is an absolute must. Our Park Hotel has a very special relationship with the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, in that the hotel was officially opened as a grand hotel on 18 October 1913, the same day on which the Monument to the Battle of the Nations was inaugurated on the occasion of the centenary of the battle, which took place near Leipzig. At the time the new Park Hotel served above all to provide accommodation for the guests at the celebrations accompanying the inauguration of the monument. On the occasion of the Park Hotel’s centenary in the year 2013, a number of promotions were also arranged in conjunction with the simultaneous centenary of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. Visitors to the anniversary celebrations were able to book special packages, or enjoy the kind of accommodation that would have been typical 100 years earlier. Since 2010 Michael Lehmann has been on the Board of Trustees of the Support Association for the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, which enables him to provide direct and personal support. Among other contributions, since that time the board has held its meetings at the Park Hotel. In addition, every year the hotel purchases the sponsorship certificate issued by the support association.

Partnership with the Seepferdchen day nursery

In the summer of 2017 Astrid Froß, Director of the newly built “Seepferdchen” (seahorse) day nursery, noticed the emblem on the facade of Seaside Park Hotel – also a seahorse. On the principle of there’s no harm in asking, Astrid Froß called Gitta Jonek, the current Sales Manager of Park Hotel, and an initial meeting was arranged. The two got on well from the beginning and agreed that their respective facilities were a good match for each other. A cooperation agreement was signed at the end of September, to coincide with the topping-out ceremony of the day nursery. This was the start of a great partnership between the PARK HOTEL and the SEEPFERDCHEN day nursery. After Sven, the Park Hotel seahorse, was presented to the day nursery on the occasion of the topping-out ceremony in October, the nursery received a further pleasant surprise on 12.12.17. During a VIP customer event to celebrate the completion of the renovation work to the Park Hotel and in the presence of owner Gregor Gerlach, the amount of €2,500 was collected in the course of an auction. The articles auctioned were donated by a number of local cooperation partners, as well as the German Seaside Hotels organisation and Park Hotel Leipzig itself, with all the proceeds going to the day nursery. Hotel Director Michael Lehmann presented the symbolic cheque to Christine Freidinger, Manager of Zwergenland Leipzig gGmbH, in the presence of the day nursery’s team as well as Gitta Jonek and Sophie Albani, Sales & Marketing Managers of the Park Hotel. On the occasion of the opening of the Seepferdchen day nursery in January 2018 all the children were presented with their own small inflatable seahorse by Sophie Albani and Nicole Rieschel (Director Reservations). A range of further activities involving both the children of the day nursery and the staff of the hotel are already in the pipeline.